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ani_girlicons is a community where cartoon, anime and video game females get known. Though this community is about making icons of female characters guys are also welcome to join. (This community is also managed by one ^_^)


Week 1 - BEDTIME
(Icon Making: Thu.09.2004-Sat.11.2004
Voting: Sat.11.2004-Mon.13.2004)
This weeks icon contests theme will be BEDTIME. You may use a quote of your choice or no quote at all. Your icon must have something to do with BEDTIME...weather it's before bedtime, during or after.

~Here is a link to where you should submit your icon. CLICK!

01. Entries must confirm to LJ icon standards.
02. You may only use 1 of your icons in a contest so choose wisely. (If told otherwise)
03. Don't recycle icons. Use new top notch icons you just recently made.
04. When you vote please don't vote for yourself. (but you can)
Awards will also be givin to those who don't win 1st, 2nd or 3rd!