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Some icons to share... ^_^


If you take an icon, please comment... and credit subliminalicon in the keywords! Thanks!

If you like these icons, please join bishoujo_awards, a brand-new icontest community where you can make and vote on icons featuring bishoujo from anime, manga, and video games!!

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Sexy Ed


I was in the middle of making myself a collection of Buffy banners and thought I'd make a starfire one, I may go about and make an entire collection of these for the rest of the titans and maybe a villain or two. Anyway here is the banner, it's a new style I've been working on inspired by my good friend lizzeh_gal who has helped me become good with paint shop pro.

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Updates: Sept. 4, 2004 - Contest Begins

Week 1 - BEDTIME
This weeks icon contests theme will be BEDTIME. You may use a quote of your choice or no quote at all. Your icon must have something to do with it's before bedtime, during or after.

~You may make only 1 icon!!!
~Icon due on Saturday the 11th
~Voting starts that day and ends on Monday

~1st-3rd place get trophies for their info
~All other contestants will recieve metals for their info

Any questions or comments just comment. Must submit icons to this post. A link in the info will take you back here if you need it. Certain comments like entries will be screened.

~Your friendly host, Mike
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Sexy Ed


Hi everyone ^_^ I just yesterday got back from a two week camping trip, talk about fun. Anyhow I woke up kinda early this morning, and there was nothing on tv, so I sat here and made a Starfire wallpaper just for something to do. I couldn't decide which style I liked better though so I did three versions of it. Here they all are placed neatly behind a wall of cut-ness.

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